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This costume is Baby B Gosh Brand. The style of this two piece costume is a pumpkin. The first piece is the pumpkin outfit. This outfit has a green collar. The background of this outfit is solid orange. The chest of this outfit has a face on it. This face has triangle eyes that are yellow and orange. The face also has a triangle nose in the same colors. The mouth of the face is again in those colors but is a jagged crescent shape. The cuffs of the sleeves are trimmed in the same green color as the collar. This outfit is complete with feet. Along the legs are seven snap close buttons. The back of this outfit is solid orange and there are two additional white colored snap close buttons. The second piece is a hat. This hat is triangular shaped. On top of the hat is a large green pom pom. The rest of the hat is solid orange except for the bottom. The bottom is trimmed in green. On Each side of the bottom of the hat are green strings. These strings can be used to tie the hat underneath the chin. The size is listed as being a large 19-27 pounds which is about a 12-18 months. The material is listed as 100% polyester.

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