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This is a bag filled with various animal toys. There is a total of twelve animals.

These animals are:

  1. Sea Turtle: This sea turtle is dark green, light green, and brown in color.The bottom of this sea turtle is light brown.
  2. Small Snake: This snake is red in color with six black polka dots. The bottom of this snake is yellow in color.
  3. Spider: This spider is blue in color with red and yellow accents. This spider has polka dots on his legs and yellow stripe on his back.
  4. Small Elephant: This elephant is small in size and gray in color. This elephant has blue eyes.
  5. Grey Dragon: This dragon is gray in color. The back of this dragon has scales that are highlighted in red.
  6. Blue Dragon: This dinosaur is blue in color. The scales on this dragon are highlighted in green. This dragon also has rider on his back. On the top of this dragon’s head is a yellow horn.
  7. Humpback Whale: This whale is gray on the top and white on the bottom. On the top of this whale’s head are nine raised white spots.
  8. Rhinoceroses: This rhinoceroses (rhino) is a dark gray/green color. This Rhino also has orange accents in his coloring.
  9. Green Dinosaur: This dinosaur light and dark green in color. This dinosaur also has orange eyes.
  10. Large Elephant: This elephant is larger than the previous elephant and gray in color.
  11. Orange Dinosaur: This dinosaur is orange in color with dark red/purple stripes on his back. The head on this dinosaur flips to a happy face or an angry face.
  12. Large Snake: This large snake is made out of wood and is brown in color with orange diamonds. The bottom of this snake is solid light brown. The body of this snake twists and bends.

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