Carters Girls Outfit


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This girls outfit is Carters in brand. The style of this girls outfit is a one piece outfit with long sleeves but no enclosed feet. The material of this outfit feels like fleece. The color of this outfit is pink. Directly below the collar, in the center, is a small pink decorative bow. Underneath this, there is a large bird. This bird has a pink head with green accents and a black eye. This bird also has a half blue jean body and a half green body. The blue jean colored section has a yellow flower on it with an orange center. This bird also has orange stitched accents, a green nose, and brown legs. On either side of this bird are flowers. The flower on the left side has a pink and yellow top and a green steam. The flower on the right hand side has an orange top with a pink heart and brown accents. This flower also has a green stem. Each sleeve has a pink scalloped trimming on the end. On the bottom of the right sleeve are three squares. These squares are pressed side by side to form a rectangle. There is something different on each square.

  1. The first square is pink with a paisley like pattern inside. This pattern is composed of dark pink, yellow, and purple.
  2. The second square is a green square. This square has a pink flower with a yellow center. Around this flower there are purple dots.
  3. The last square is a purple square. Inside of this square, there is a butterfly. This butterfly is dark pink, yellow, and purple in color.

The bottom of this outfit secures closed with five pink snap close buttons. The bottom of the leg holes are elastic cuffed on this outfit. Coming down the collar, in the center, are buttons. There is a total of three pink snap close buttons. The back half of the waist on this outfit also has pink ruffles. The size of this outfit is listed on the tag as being a size 3-6 months or 12-18 pounds. The material of this outfit is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% polyester.

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Dimensions 8 × 1 × 12 in