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This costume does not list a brand on the tag. This costume is a one piece frog costume. The hood of this outfit is a dark green silky like material on the inside and a light green fleece like material on the outside. The hood has the frog face on it. The face has two large orange colored eyes and some black eye brows. The arms of this frog are the same light green as the hood and are elastic cuffed. The body of this outfit has a large orange oval for the belly. On the top right hand side of the orange oval is a white snap close button. Underneath this button is a pull for the green zipper that runs along the side of the oval to the right leg. This unzips to make putting the child in the costume easier. The bottom of this costume are the frogs feet. These feet are bright orange with webbed toeing. On the bottom of the feet are little white dots for transaction. The back of this costume is solid green. The tag lists the size as being 6-12 months. The material is listed as the shell being 100% polyester and the lining being 100% polyester.

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