Gymboree Girls Sweater


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This girls sweater is gymboree in brand. The color of this sweater is white. Located on the front, from the middle of the collar down to the bottom of the sweater is four white button hole buttons. The bottom of this girls sweater is trimmed in a gingerbread pattern. This ginger bread pattern features six girl ginger breads. These ginger breads are all a ligh brown color with a white stiched trim. Each ginger bread also has a light pink bow on the top of their heads and a white, green, and red striped colored scarf around their necks. On their stomach, there are three heart shaped buttons in the colors of pink, green, and red. Underneath the ginger bread girls, is a striped pattern. This striped pattern has a small pink striped on top, a larger green striped with red outline diamonds, another small pink stripe, a small white stripe with small red colored hearts, a small green stripe, a larger red stripe with white diamond  outlines, another small green stripe, and a final white stripe with small pink hearts. The back of this girls sweater is solid white on top with the same striped pattern found of the front , however this one does not include the ginger bread girls above.  The material is 100% cotton. The size is 6-12 months.

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