Hershey Bears Boys Hat


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This Hershey Bears hat is a beanie hat in style. The color of this hat is black. On the front of this hat there is a gold ring. Inside of this ring is the Hershey Bears logo with their name wrote above them. Above this is a silver trophy. This trophy says “2009” in black writing with a white star. Also across this trophy is white text with a red trimming. This text reads, “CALDER CUP”.The bottom of this ring has more text. This text is red with white trimming and reads, “CHAMPIONS” with the “io” being made out of a gold “10”. The back of this hat has the PSECU logo. Underneath their logo is white text that reads, “psecu.com” with two red arrows pointing right before it.

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Dimensions 8 × 1 × 12 in