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This book is titled “King Bob’s New Clothes” by Dom DeLuise and illustrated by Christopher Santoro. The cover is a paperback cover and there is a total of thirty pages. Each page is color illustrated with no more than a few small paragraphs of text on each page. The back cover reads “King Discombobulated )Bob for short) has his priorities all mixed up. He loves new clothes more than anything in his kingdom. Yet his clothes are so silly that his royal subjects can hardly avoid laughing at their king. One day a pair of smooth-talking tailors shows up in town. They promise to make the king a suit of magical cloth that can only be seen by the pure of heart. The king is thrilled! But when he parades through town wearing nothing but his magic threads, will anyone have the courage to the the king the naked truth? Dom DeLuise retells a children’s classic with wit and humor, then follows his story with a special surprise-recipes fit for a king!”.

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