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This two piece boys outfit is Disney in brand and NEW WITH TAGS. The first piece in this outfit set is a onesie. The style of this onesie is a sleeveless onesie with a hood. This hood is a plaid pattern. This plaid is composted of orange, yellow, green, dark blue, light blue, and white. The collar, sleeve holes, and leg holes are all trimmed in dark blue. The body of this onesie is a light blue. On the front of this onesie is a graphic. This graphic is a large blue circle outline. Inside this outline is an additional orange circle outline. This orange circle has text on it. This text is dark blue , in all capital letters, and reads “BORN TO”. The bottom of both the orange and the blue circles has text. This text is white with dark blue outline, wrote in cursive, and reads “Surf”. Inside these circles are Disney characters. These characters are :

  • Donald Duck wearing a white t-shirt and orange shorts.
  • Goofy wearing a white orange and yellow shirt with green shorts and white flip flops.
  • Mickey Mouse wearing yellow swim trunks and white flip flops.
  • Pluto wearing a green collar with his tongue hanging out.

Each of these characters are also holding a white surf board except Pluto. Pluto is in front of a yellow, orange, and white surfboard that is in the shape of a bone. The bottom of this onesie secures closed with three dark blue snap close buttons. The back of this onesie is solid blue. The second piece in this boys outfit set is the shorts. These shorts have a stretchable elastic waistband with a decorative orange tie on the front. The color of these shorts is solid dark blue. On the front, right hand side, there is text. This text is wrote in cursive, orange in color, and reads “Mickey”. Underneath this text is a number. This number is wrote in yellow with a light blue highlight and reads “28”. The back of these shorts are solid dark blue. The size of both pieces in this set is 3-6 months. The material of both pieces in this boys outfit set is listed on the tag as being made out of 100% cotton.

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