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This costume is Rubies brand. The design of this costume is an M&M. The first piece of this costume is the body part. This part is a large red circle. This circle has a face. This face has two black eyebrows along with two eyes. Each eye has a red eyelid. There is also a black smile. Underneath the face is a large white m. The back of this piece is solid red. On the collar of the back is two red strings. To secure this costume closed you would tie these strings together. The next two pieces are the gloves. These gloves are a flexible plastic. They are white in color and four fingered. On the back portion of the hand are four lines and the palms also have lines. The last two pieces of this set are the shoe covers. These shoe covers are white in color and made out of foam. The back of each shoe has two white strings. These strings are used to secure these to the child’s shoe. Underneath each shoe, is an elastic band. This goes underneath the child’s actual shoe. The size of this costume is a large or 2-4. The material is listed as being 100% polyester.

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