Two Piece Circus Costume


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This costume is a circus themed costume with two pieces. This first piece secures with a velcro circle on the back on the collar to open and close the outfit. The front of this item has a decorative collar. This collar is trimmed in black and white stripes. In between the trimming is a polka dot pattern. This pattern is a blue background with different size and color polka dots. This color features some yellow and some red polka dots. The sleeves on this outfit are both different patterns but are both elastic cuffed on the end. The left hand sleeve is blue with the polka dot pattern. This pattern features polka dots in yellow, blue, white, and red. There is also a polka dot that is a red and yellow striped circle with a white star in the middle. The right hand side sleeve is solid red. The body and leg section of this costume match the sleeves but on the opposite side. The left body and leg are solid red while the right body and leg are the polka dot pattern. The cuffs on the legs of these pants are trimmed in the black and white stripes of the collar. The second piece in this set is a hat. This hat has a bright red large pom pom on the top. Then the hat looks like a circus tent almost with the shape of the hat being in a triangular like shape. The pattern of this hat is the same polka dot pattern as the costume. The bottom of the pattern is again trimmed in the black and white stripes. The bottom of this hat goes around the back half only and is a red solid piece. The bottom of this has a chin strap in the black and white pattern that secures with a velcro circle on the left hand side.  There is no brand listed on this tag but the size listed is a size 6 and the material is 100% polyester.

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